The Leucan Ski Challenge is back for its 18 edition

Leucan is proud to announce the return of the Leucan Ski Challenge, co-presented by Fenplast and Desjardins, for its 18th edition. Leucan invites the public to register for one of the six participating mountains and ski down the slopes to support children with cancer and their families.

For the first time this year, the corporate challenge will be offered to participants on all mountains. Participants will be able to choose between the regular and the corporate challenge. The regular challenge consists of creating a team of one to four people and raising a minimum of $500 for children with cancer and their families. The corporate challenge consists of creating a team of four to eight people, raising a minimum of $1,500-2000* for Leucan and participating in teambuilding activities.
*The minimum amount varies from one mountain to another

An essential fundraising event for children with cancer

Since 2006, the Leucan Ski Challenge has mobilized more than 25,000 skiers and snowboarders who have raised over $9 million for the cause. The donations raised during the event finance several of Leucan’s essential services, including emotional assistance and support as soon as the diagnosis is received.

Our world fell apart when our daughter was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Amid the fear and the unknown, Leucan came to us the day after Savannah was admitted to oncology. It was a great comfort to know that we were not alone in this ordeal. We were offered immeasurable support in every form. Parents of Savannah, 3 years old, Wilms' Tumor


The most accessible winter fundraising activity in Quebec

The Leucan Ski Challenge is a festive and family event for skiers and snowboarders of all ages and levels. The Leucan Ski Challenge is the perfect activity to keep morale up while supporting a cause that is highly valued by Quebecers.

To ensure the success of the Leucan 2023 Ski Challenge, Leucan is pleased to once again count on the participation of Fenplast and Desjardins as co-presenters. They are important allies for Leucan, as their sponsorship will allow us to raise an even greater amount of money for families whose child has cancer.

I am proud to participate once again this year to help children with cancer get better. It touches me deeply to see, year after year, the solidarity of the participants toward the cause. I invite you to follow me and register for this 18th edition Jean Marchand, president of Fenplast

For the 7th consecutive year, Leucan is proud to count on the participation of Félix Séguin, principal commentator for the Montreal Canadiens on TVA Sports, as the event’s provincial spokesperson.

Leucan invites the population to visit for more information and to register at one of the following sites: