Leucan today unveils the new logo and visual identity of the Leucan Ski Challenge

Leucan is extremely proud to present the new Leucan Ski Challenge logo. The logo has been redesigned to bring a breath of fresh air to the Challenge. The emphasis is still on the snow, but the single snowflake adds a sleeker, more modern touch.

Leucan has revamped the image of the Leucan Ski Challenge to further harmonize it with the campaign slogan “Aidons-les à remonter la pente”. Mackenzie, 8, who suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, agreed to be the new face of the Leucan Ski Challenge. Her participation is a reminder of the importance of solidarity and support for children who, like her, are weathering the storm of pediatric cancer.

“This new visual identity brings a breath of fresh air to the Leucan Ski Challenge. The Challenge’s slogan was very powerful, and we wanted to give it an equally strong image. By showcasing Mackenzie accompanied by a team of skiers ready to help her, the renewed image reminds us of the importance of the support we can all offer to help children with cancer get back on their feet!” says Julie Charbonneau, Director of Communications at Leucan.

You’ll be able to see these new images all over the Web, and sometimes even on the roads of Quebec.


Now let’s give way to the 2024 Leucan Ski Challenge under a brand new light! Leucan looks forward to seeing you on the slopes!