Leucan marks International Childhood Cancer Day

Supporting families: Leucan’s number one priority

In Quebec, nearly one family is faced with a childhood cancer diagnosis or recurrence every day. A Leucan advisor is available at every pediatric oncology centre in the province and meets with families as soon as possible following the diagnosis. “Families are left reeling with emotions after the shock. This first meeting is crucial and gives Leucan an opportunity to initiate a contact with families to guide them through the realities of cancer and show them that they are not alone,” said Carol Beaudry, Provincial Director, Family Services, Research, and Partnerships.

Leucan’s welcome kit: a vital tool for families

During this first contact, families receive a red bag that will become so crucial to them throughout the treatments. Commonly known as “Leucan’s red toolkit,” the bag helps families to adapt to a new reality made of frequent trips between home and the hospital. Among other things, the bag includes a comfort blanket, shirts made specifically for chemotherapy, and medical supplies to prevent the risk of infections during public outings,” Mrs. Beaudry added.

Marie-Mai, Leucan’s godmother, met with member families of the Association

Popular singer Marie-Mai, who joined the Association as godmother a year ago, met with a number of member families to gain a better understanding of the impact of Leucan’s support in their lives. To find out more about the realities of hundreds of families in Quebec, please watch the video of this meeting.