$600,000 for the Challenge

The 12th edition of the Leucan Ski Challenge raised $600,000 for Leucan. The 1,400 skiers and snowboarders helped cancer-stricken children back uphill on five mountains across Quebec: Bromont, montagne d’expérience, Mont Lac-Vert, Mont-Vidéo, Station touristique Stoneham and Vallée du Parc.

“We have just taken part in a positive and uniting event, which reminds us how much we can accomplish when we come together,” says Félix Séguin of TVA Sports and co-spokesperson for the Challenge.

Leucan thanks all the participants’ generosity, as well as that of the co-spokespersons, Caroline Proulx and Félix Séguin, of the honorary presidents, of the ambassadors, of the child spokespersons and their families, of the volunteers, of the sponsors and of course of the donors who helped us achieve this great success.